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  Sunday, October 13, 2019  
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Triple S Welcomes New Staff Member Dan Wagner
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:50:57

Triple S, the leading Member based distribution network in the facility supply and cleaning industry, is pleased to announce and welcome the addition of Dan Wagner as the organization’s new Director of Strategic Accounts.

The Green Cleaning Movement Moves South
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:38:26

The professional cleaning industry in North America and much of Western Europe now recognizes the benefits of providing green cleaning programs to its customers. More importantly, we now understand the positive health benefits of these programs to building users and cleaning staff. However, that certainly is not true in many other parts of the world.

Tomorrows Cleaning - If You are Going to Mop… Mop Right
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:32:45

A vast, 5.6 million square foot North American laboratory has about 150 custodial workers. Each custodian is responsible for about 30,000 square feet of office space which is cleaned five days per week. Along with the typical cleaning duties – such as restroom cleaning, trash removal, vacuuming, etc. – most of the floors are hard surface, meaning they must be dust mopped and damp mopped on a regular basis, usually daily.

Romanian Distributor Honored with Kaivac’s 2016 International Distributor of the Year Award
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:22:40

Kaivac, developers of the No-Touch Cleaning® and OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning Systems, is honoring one of its newest European dealers, TENROM, for having the best one-year sales record of any foreign distributor marketing Kaivac products in 2016. TENROM, located in Cluj, Romania, is a leading cleaning equipment distributor in this part of the world.

SMA and Members Make Inroads for their Brands with Inbound Marketing
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:17:48

A question often asked in business circles is whether social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can provide above-market ROI versus conventional marketing and promotional communication tools like print ads, tradeshow banners, and the like. Strategic Market Alliance has studied this issue and we believe social media participation by distributors can and does provide compelling return on investment. “Inbound Marketing,” as the use of social media platforms is called, enables even the smallest company or even individual to become a high-impact advertiser … for little to no expense! With very little training or experience required, a company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter page easily becomes a megawatt broadcast platform for the company to reach customers, both specifically and broadly. Social media is second only to Super Bowl advertising in terms of creating brand awareness … and a heck of a lot less expensive!

Morcon Shows Valay Line and Morsoft with Expanded Product Lines
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:15:32

Our mission, as a leading converter of towel, tissue and napkin products for the Away From Home market, is to operate from a position of service that extends to the future needs of our customers. Therefore, with a “continuous improvement” focus, our team members evaluate ways to develop our service levels each and every day. Improving processes, adding new capacity and developing new products, are a few ways that our plants (in Great Falls, South Carolina and Cambridge, New York), have spent the last few years reinforcing the More Service. More Value.™ way of doing business.

Membership that Matters - AFFLINK Launches Stakeholder Equity Program
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:12:49

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit the AFFLINK headquarters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, you probably noticed their vision statement proudly displayed on a large acrylic sign as soon as you step off the elevator. In that statement, you’ll see it highlights just exactly where the organization wants to be – “…essential to the long-term success of its stakeholders.” And with the new Stakeholder Equity program launched in 2017, the leading sales and marketing organization in the industry has done just that.

Spartan Chemical Announces a Brand New Learning Management System CleanCheck Makes Training and Safety SIMPLE!
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  23:09:45

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market, today announced the availability of the next generation training tool for cleaning operations.

Tennant Company launches new T350
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  22:59:43

Tennant Company, a leading cleaning solutions provider, today announces the launch of its newest floor scrubber, the T350 Stand-On Floor Scrubber. Leveraging Tennant innovative technologies, the new T350 reduces overall cleaning costs while providing a healthier, safer and more high quality cleaning performance.

NETWORK Celebrates Global Growth
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-13-2017  22:56:19

Network Services Company proudly announces the signing of a distribution agreement with Germany-based grocery chain, Lidl. The agreement expands a long-standing relationship Lidl maintains with NETWORK’s European distribution partner, INPACS. Lidl, one of the world’s largest retailers, opened its first 20 stores in the United States during the summer of 2017.

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