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ACS’s Integration of ETC and Treleoni Has Been a Tremendous Success

Walden-Mott Corp.  10-30-2018 15:14:13
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Sales growth and new markets continue to develop utilizing the strengths of the three brands. The ACS Cleaning Products Group was formed last year following the acquisitions of ETC of Henderson, North Carolina and Treleoni of Manning, South Carolina. These two strategic acquisitions have expanded the ACS customer base and achieved positive sales growth.

Rory Beaudette
At the ISSA Las Vegas show last year, ACS announced to the market the integration of these three leading brands, the benefits to the customer and the long-term goals of the newly formed group.

According to Rory Beaudette, VP Sales and COO for the ACS Cleaning Products Group, the past year after the integration has been positive. He explained that is not easy to integrate two businesses within a four-month period, and now, with more product choices, more facilities and a larger team, the ACS Cleaning Products Group is offering more today than anyone could have imagined just a year ago.

ACS Industries
So, what's next? Beaudette suggests you come by booth 5516 at ISSA Dallas to check out the newest editions to the line of ACS Cleaning Products Group. There will be a launching of a new patent-pending floor pad invention called the TURBOSTRIP™ Segmented Rotary Pad. As the first non-flat floor pad in over 60 years, TURBOSTRIP™ features 24 polygonal segments with overlapped angular edges that bite into floor wax very aggressively.

In addition, ACS is introducing its new DUALA Clean & Shine Pad. DUALA is a dual purpose pad that both cleans and shines the floor. DUALA is unique because it is offered as both a low-speed and high-speed version. The DUALA High Speed Pad utilizes the same 2001 laminated pad construction as the original 2001 Gorilla laminated UHS pad and the laminated HEAT by Gorilla pad for concrete bonding. This technology is truly unique. The DUALA High Speed Pad has delivered outstanding results in all its applications. The DUALA Low Speed Pad is a traditional pad that cleans and shines the floor in one step very well.

Last, but not least, is the introduction of the TrapMaster Disposable Dust Trapping Pad. This product is nothing like the disposable dust sheets that are in the market because TrapMaster is a two-sided air-layed non-woven pad that is 3x thicker than any sheet type. As such, TrapMaster has 4x the tensile, tear and elongation strength with an open weave construction to trap more dust, dirt, hair on lint deep into the web structure.

Beaudette says he is very excited about the launch of these three innovative new products. He believes the market will be taken by storm with TURBOSTRIP™ segmented rotary pads.

For more information about ACS Cleaning Products Group or any of these new exciting products, please email the company at Cleaning@acsind.com.

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