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About the Walden-Mott Corporation

Walden-Mott is a leading information provider to the pulp, paper, packaging, printing and janitorial / sanitary industries. The business is comprised of traditional print publications and online portals which provide customers with current news, data and analysis as well as archived information.

Walden-Mott provides many marketing opportunities for companies in the industry and ones wishing to enter the market place. Whether it is a print advertisement or an online marketing campaign, Walden can successfully deliver your message to the marketplace. See more…

Walden-Mott’s largest industry portal is Pulp and Paper Network, which can be found at www.pulpandpaper.net. This website was established in 1995 and is one of the pioneers in providing a comprehensive information package to individuals who wish to stay on top of what is happening in their industry. Through a global network of content providers Pulpandpaper.net remains a leader in providing information to the industry.

Walden’s ABC Guide, started in 1885, remains today as one of our flagship products still serving the same purpose of coordinating information between manufactures, converters, brokers, distributors and end users. Walden’s ABC Guide is the leading directory of information with the most comprehensive product listing known as the “Classified Section” where the industry learns “Who does what”. See more…

Each company listing has information on corporate headquarters, mills, plants, sales offices and warehouses, furnishing names, addresses and telephone numbers and other pertinent information.

Walden’s Paper Catalog is the industry’s most complete resource for information on commercial printing and writing papers. It is used by printers, publishers, graphic artists, government agencies, brokers and distributors to compare, locate and specify fine papers. Brands are listed alphabetically and by classification of paper. Paper distributors are listed geographically to help printers source from a local supplier.

History of Walden-Mott Corporation

The story of Walden-Mott Corporation begins in 1884 - over a hundred years ago.

Charles Carroll Walden, the founder, ventured forth to start his own company with the establishment of a monthly magazine known as the United States Paper-Maker. He had worked for Lockwood Publishing Company, which was formally known as Miller Freeman.

Charles hired his father, Thomas Walden, who also worked for Lockwood. Completely dedicated to the paper industry, they laid the foundation for 132 years of publishing. The fifth generation, Alfred F Walden and Charles F Walden currently run the company.

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