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Walden's Paper Handbook
Pulp & Paper Industry Pocket Guide

Walden's Paper Handbook - Only $25.00 Now in its Third Edition, Walden's Paper Handbook is just that, a handy book to have when you need to know practical terms, formulas, measurements, techniques and all the basics about the paper industry.

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FORWARD from the Third Edition

The changes in technology in both the production and printing of paper since the publication of the second edition have been more rapid than in any previous equivalent time span.  This edition builds on the structure of our earlier handbooks and represents one of the most up-to-date and comprehensive references available in the paper industry.  It includes a vast array of facts, figures, tables, charts and references.  A revised glossary reflects the increasing complexity and sophistication of the paper and graphic industries' language.

The broad scope of the contents makes this handbook a valuable training tool for entry-level employees, as well as an authoritative reference for seasoned practitioners.

  A source for anyone looking to:
  • Research the history of the paper industry
  • Learn how to sell and buy paper
  • Discover the properties of paper
  • Obtain formulas, weights and measures of paper
  • Troubleshoot paper related problems
  • Look up pulp and paper related terms & definitions


  • There are 20 chapters with a total of 277 pages
  • 47 Frequently Asked Questions with detailed answers relating to paper issues
  • Over 1,100 terms and definitions in the glossary


  • History of Paper and Printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Paper Recycling
  • Properties
  • Classification and Grading of Papers
  • Testing
  • Sales Techniques
  • Industry Customs and Practices
  • Ordering
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Handling Rolls
  • Roll Problems Causes and Remedies
  • Processing Claims and Complaints
  • Formulas, Weights and Measures
  • Folding & Folds
  • Metric Measurements
  • Envelopes
  • Business Forms
  • Answers to Some Often Asked Questions
  • Glossary

Details Shown:

  • Historical Timeline
  • Many "How to..." sections
  • Details weights and measures for papers, envelopes and business forms
  • In-depth definitions
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