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Network Services Company Ushers in 50th Year

Walden-Mott Corp.  01-09-2018 13:23:51
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Schaumburg, IL - January 9, 2018 - Network Services Company (NETWORK®), a significant force in national distribution, proudly kicks off a year of celebration, marking a milestone 50th Anniversary in 2018.

Five Decades Strong
Half a century ago, a handful of distribution companies in the Northeastern U.S. knit together a collaborative partnership that would allow them to provide service to large regional customers. In that, the core concept of NETWORK was born. Five decades later the organization celebrates tremendous growth in both geographic coverage and market share, providing global distribution and product expertise for janitorial supplies, foodservice packaging and disposables, industrial packaging, and commercial printing papers through best-in-class local representation.

Exceptional Growth in a Fast Changing Industry
The distribution industry has experienced unprecedented transformation in recent years. Corporate customers have changed. New competition has entered the marketplace. All the while NETWORK has prospered through the organization's uniquely designed structure. "It's a fact that purchasing decisions are made differently in this digital economy," said Alan Tomblin, President and CEO of NETWORK. "Corporate buyers demand a provider who can easily and seamlessly administer a consistent program across their footprint. At the same time, end users have a critical need for hands-on support and a high level of expertise to help keep their businesses running." Tomblin continued, "NETWORK designs programs to balance centralized control with local flexibility to ensure customer success from all perspectives. Fifty years of delivering Distribution by Design has created extraordinary wins for the organization, our family of distribution companies, and our supplier partners. In 2018 we celebrate and honor all who have played a role in the organization's accomplished history."

And Getting Stronger
Looking to the future, Tomblin noted, "We will continue to invest time, energy, and resources to secure success and growth for our customers, NETWORK distributors, and corporate staff. Our supplier community can continue to depend on a meaningful return on the investment of engaging with the organization." He concluded, "Ensuring that our partners reach their highest potential is essential in our stability. We're beyond excited to mark this achievement while NETWORK is stronger than it has ever been. We are well-positioned to navigate an evolving industry and look forward to 50 more years of progress and growth."

To mark this significant accomplishment, Network Services Company has planned numerous social and charitable events throughout 2018.

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