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SCA Brings Efficiency to Restroom Cleaning with Tork EasyCube Intelligent Restroom System

Walden-Mott Corp.  10-26-2016 17:36:51
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This year at ISSA/INTERCLEAN, SCA booth #1449 visitors get a close look at Tork EasyCube™ Intelligent Restroom System, the first-to-market smart washroom solution that uses connected technology to increase cleaning efficiency.

By Jimy Baynum, Market Development Director, SCA AfH Professional Hygiene Business

Restroom conditions are a top priority for many facility managers and cleaning staff. Of all building spaces, the quality of these facilities typically generate the most complaints – particularly if they are unclean or inadequately stocked – and can even lead to departures from tenants who expect a comfortable workplace experience. Restrooms reflect on the entire business and by creating a premium, clean and well-managed washroom environment, building managers can make a lasting positive impression.

While this sounds like a labor-intensive goal, it can be an easily accomplished reality. What if hand towel dispensers could alert building managers before all of the towels had been used? What if cleaning staff knew restroom traffic increased at a specific time each day and planned accordingly? And what if cleaning staff knew exactly which dispensers – down to the floor, bathroom and stall – needed replenishing? Data-driven intelligence is taking buildings into a new era, moving cleaning crews from following static schedules to cleaning when and where it’s actually needed.

Welcome to the world of intelligent restrooms.

How Tork EasyCube Works

Tork EasyCube is a smart restroom solution, which uses sensors embedded in hand towel, bath tissue and soap dispensers to wirelessly transmit refill needs to a web application. By capturing this data and displaying it on an easy-to-access online dashboard, Tork EasyCube helps facility managers handle everyday responsibilities and better allocate their staff’s efforts to more critical cleaning tasks.

What Tork EasyCube Can Do For You and Your Building

Eliminate Issues Before They Arise – Tork EasyCube keeps facility managers better informed of restroom traffic, alerting them of exactly when and where issues arise.

Better Staff Utilization – The data collected by Tork EasyCube ensures that managers can make better staffing decisions based on a needs-based approach to scheduling. Even when unexpected cleaning needs arise, managers can quickly deploy tasks to the cleaning staff. Once received and addressed by the cleaners, tasks are marked as “complete” so managers can always have the confidence in knowing all cleaning needs are taken care of.

Efficient Supply Ordering – When managers can accurately track how much inventory is being used, purchasing decisions are based on actual usage rates, not guesses. Gone are the days of ordering more product than is needed or can be stored and no more running out of supplies before the next shipment arrives.

Opportunity to Impress – Fully-stocked and consistently clean restrooms make a great impression on tenants and building guests. When tenants and visitors have seamless experiences in a building it can generate positive word of mouth for that venue, improving its overall reputation as well as increasing tenant recommendations.

Letting Technology Do the Heavy Lifting – Facility maintenance staff is often tasked with the upkeep of entire buildings so having accurate data on restroom stock and supply needs significantly reduces time wasted checking each bathroom and stall.

Visit us at ISSA

Tork EasyCube provides many benefits to cleaning staff and facility management. By harnessing the power of smart technology and identifying areas where real-time data can improve processes, it is possible to ensure every guest has a clean, fully-stocked and comfortable restroom experience, every time. In fact, the South Hall restrooms of McCormick Place convention center are equipped with Tork EasyCube during the ISSA show, so you can see it for yourself!

Ready to improve cleaning efficiency all while providing a better visitor experience? Vote for Tork EasyCube in the 2016 ISSA Innovation Award Program at www.ISSA.com/vote!

Stop by the SCA booth (#1449) or visit www.torkusa.com/easycube to learn more.

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