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Bring on the Crowds with Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System

Walden-Mott Corp.  09-12-2017 23:36:24
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This year at ISSA/INTERCLEAN, Tork is previewing Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System, its revolutionary dispensing system designed to better-equip high-traffic restrooms for large crowds. Neither a folded towel or roll towel system, Tork PeakServe Continuous towel sets a new standard for dispensing via a continuous flow, without interruption, tabbing or jammed dispensers.

Restroom conditions are a top priority for many facility managers and cleaning staff. However, large crowds put heavy stress on restrooms and their equipment. Refills such as soap and paper run out fast, and cleaners have a hard time keeping up with cleaning needs during heavy traffic flows.

Because of this, many visitors dread using restrooms in crowded venues for fear of poorly-maintained facilities. In fact, research* shows that dirty, overcrowded restrooms are the primary concern for guests at high-traffic venues such as airports, concert arenas and sports stadiums – even more than long lines or traffic to and from venues. In fact, 71 percent of guests at high-traffic venues have had a bad restroom experience, and one in three guests limit how much they eat and drink to avoid going to the restroom.

But what if managers could easily upgrade visitors’ experiences? What if there was a new way of dispensing towels so that the paper didn’t get jammed and dispensed on the first try? And what if the dispenser served more guests so that cleaning staff weren’t constantly running back and forth across long distances to refill empty dispensers? The answer lies in Tork PeakServe.

So bring on the crowds!

What Tork PeakServe™ Continuous™ Hand Towel System Can Do For You and Your Building

• Focus Your Cleaning Staff on Pressing Needs – Compressed towels take up half as much space as regular towels, allowing staff to load 250 percent more – the highest capacity in the market at up to 2,100 towels per dispenser – for fewer refill rounds and better restroom flow. This gives staff more time to focus on important cleaning tasks during heavy traffic flows, without fear of product run out. Compressed towels also mean cleaning staff can carry double the load, reducing time spent traversing back and forth to stock restrooms.

• Improve Visitor Experience –Towels are fed from the top of the stack, not the bottom, which generates smooth, one-at-a-time dispensing that requires very low pull force. Each bundle of towels also serves large crowds fast via continuous flow, without interruption, tabbing or jamming which puts dispensers out of play.

• Decrease Restroom Wait Times – Guests often face long restroom lines in high-traffic venues. Tork PeakServe™ Continuous™ Hand Towel System serves guests in 3 seconds – faster than jet air drying time – getting visitors in and out quickly.

• Prevent Issues Before They Arise – Fully compatible with Tork EasyCube™ Intelligent Restroom System, the cleaning management software that utilizes connected dispensers to provide real-time, actionable data to improve cleaning efficiency and customer satisfaction, facility managers can uncover trends and point cleaning staff to exactly which areas need immediate attention.

Visit us at ISSA

Tork PeakServe™ Continuous™ Hand Towel System is a groundbreaking innovation designed for high-traffic venues. Until now, when selecting a hand drying solution, facility managers have only had the option to choose between roll towels that bring high capacity and folded towels that can be refilled more flexibly. This category-defining system combines the best of both worlds by creating a continuous, compressed towel system that provides cleaners with the means and motivation to take on large crowds and traffic flow with confidence.

Ready for your restrooms to function like a well-oiled machine? Witness Tork PeakServe when it is introduced in North America at the Tork booth (#2359) today, Tuesday, September 12th at 10:30AM. You can also vote for Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System in the 2017 ISSA Innovation Award Program at the show in the ISSA Innovation Showcase!

*Based on an IPSOS survey of 3,000 people in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland and Sweden who have visited a high traffic venue in the past nine months

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