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NETWORK Celebrates Member Expansion
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  10:17:42

Network Services Company celebrates the addition of several new Members in 2017. Neway Packaging headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, CA, is a nearly 40 year old enterprise operating five full service locations and four sales offices throughout the United States. Neway provides NETWORK a complementary packaging product portfolio and shares our customer-centric approach to providing solutions.

QuestSpecialty Introduces New EPA 25(b) Exempt, Non-Toxic Lice Killer
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  10:14:11

QuestSpecialty Corporation adds to its line of non-toxic, EPA 25(b) exempt pest control products with PROWLER Lice Killer, formulated to kill lice on porous and non-porous surfaces. It is ideal for treating inanimate environmental surfaces such as pillows, furniture, clothing, lockers, coat racks, and other surfaces where there has been a lice outbreak.

Powers Paper, LLC Debuts at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2017
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  23:16:16

An innovative business model offers quality products with selective distribution, net pricing and a comprehensive distributor brand program
Brian Powers—a 30-year senior-level veteran in the towel and tissue industry—has launched Powers Paper. The company, headquartered near Appleton, Wisconsin, has an innovative, distributor-centric business model and specializes in quality away-from-home paper products.

Tom Parris Recognized as NASSCO’S Vendor Representative of the Year
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  10:10:59

Spartan Chemical Company, a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market, announced Tom Parris, regional manager, Spartan Chemical Company was named Nassco’s Vendor Representative of the Year.

NETWORK Celebrates Corporate Account Growth
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  23:30:20

As the industry experiences a nearly flat growth rate, Network Services Company is on track to celebrate a record year of growth across the company’s focus market segments. New customer acquisition and expanded sales across the current customer base account for significant market gain for NETWORK’s corporate account team.

Distributors Talk About the ELEVATE Process
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  23:11:16

Many times, the best way to understand how something works and the value it brings to the table is to listen to what your peers have to say about it. This is certainly true in the case of the ELEVATE process, a free online consulting software introduced by AFFLINK in 2015.

SMA Strategic Account Success, company growth and Digital Transformation
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  23:02:08

As 2017 dawned, Strategic Market Alliance entered its second decade a considerably larger organization than it was at the start of the prior year. 2016 saw the group’s size increase by nearly 30 percent with the addition of members across the United States and Canada that introduced or augmented SMA presence in more than thirty metropolitan markets. Additionally, new member recruitment and expansion into new geographies by several of SMA’s long-standing members significantly extended SMA’s reach and service capacity across the continent.

Bring on the Crowds with Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  23:36:24

This year at ISSA/INTERCLEAN, Tork is previewing Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System, its revolutionary dispensing system designed to better-equip high-traffic restrooms for large crowds. Neither a folded towel or roll towel system, Tork PeakServe Continuous towel sets a new standard for dispensing via a continuous flow, without interruption, tabbing or jammed dispensers.

Cascades PRO Expands North American Distribution
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  23:26:44

Cascades Inc. (TSX: CAS), a leader in the recovery and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue products, recently rolled out West as part of an exciting expansion of the company’s Professional Services Division, Cascades PRO™. To support a growing customer base, this expansion allows for a much wider distribution across North America, making the brand more accessible to both current and new customers.

Stay Ahead of Outbreaks with Innovative Electrostatic Spray Technology
Walden-Mott Corp. 09-12-2017  23:23:21

Sponsored by Clorox Professional Products Company - Illness can have major implications for schools – from absenteeism to school closures and negative press caused by outbreaks. And at no time is this more prevalent than during cold and flu season each winter. Each year, productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers an average of $225.8 billion(1) and schools are often among the hardest hit with nearly 60 million school days lost each year due to cold and flu alone.(2) To make matters worse, the highly contagious norovirus also spikes between November and April.(3)

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